which of the following is what you would try to identify when you're looking for the main idea in a single paragraph?

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Answered: Bummer. Your message failed. Try shortening it a bit.

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Answered: This is my main squeeze, a fat girl who is ...

What woman would want the child pornographer Steve-Tadpole? After all, Steve-Tadpole can only show defecation porn as scenes from their wedding night -- to eight year old Muslim girls.

Answered: How do you like my main squeeze? http://images ...

She looks just fine in my ...imagination. And btw...why can't we post pics on this site?

Answered: Party planning ideas for the themelight up your life

If this is another partyplanet ad, I'm going to do all in my power to get copy/paster on the job here. Hell, I might even have Bubba do it.

Answered: I am looking for follow up email marketing ideas.

there are lots of email marketing tips available online and you can make use of those tips for you...
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