which of the following is the dominant country of the central asia subregion?

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Answered: Candle followers

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Answered: Can I fly from kazakhstan to egypt

Yes, you can fly from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Egypt. This is the extract from Almaty Airport Seasonal Timetable which is valid until 27.03.10. You need to check their website for updates. This is arrival at the Almaty Airport CAIRO EGYPTAIR MS 715 03:05 13:10 .2...6. B737-800 02.02.2010 27.03 ...

Answered: Hello can i go for see the turkmanistan

Turkmenistan is a great place to travel. You can get a real authentic experience there and it's probably one of the countries that hasn't been spoiled yet by tourism.
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Hello jayvictor here asia is a continent itself however growing up I heard and read that the larger land mass of europe and asia has been refered to as eurasia

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Hi globalization81 you can see main countries that grow up in that web site : www.tradeconomics.info/growing.asp I follow that , really useful .