Which of the following is NOT a polynomial (Points : 1) Option A: Option B: 4x 3y Option C: 4 x Option D: p2q 3pq2?

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Answered: What is 4x-7x +5x =

Assume X represents an apple: Allen gave you 4 apples, Shon gave you 5 apples, and Andy took 7 apples, how many apples remain ? I hope you agree that the answer is 2 (Mathematically it reads 2X) Note that Give = plus (cause it adds to stock) and Take = minus (cause it reduces your stock)

Answered: I have a polaris scrambler 4x4 1996. How would you ...


Answered: I am looking for a left and right steering nuckle for a 1975-1979 1/2 ton

Try tellico4x4 for 4wd parts . They stock almost everything. They should be able to help

Answered: Life jacket4x

Thank you soooooooooo much

Answered: What is a 4X400m Relay Race?

Thanks so much for your speedy response
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What are the factors of 4x squared-4x+3

OronD may be correct if the problem was typed incorrectly. But the problem says 4x squared-4x+3, not just x squared. The discriminant is negative so there are no real roots. I would factor it as (2x-1)^2 +2 but you could use the complex roots.

What is the square foot of 11'4"x 11'?

If you don't want to work with fractions: 12" = 1' 144 in^2 = 1 ft^2 11" and 4" = 136" 11" = 132" 136" * 132" = 17,952 in^2 17,952 / 144 = 124.67 ft^2

If 4x + 4-x = 7, then what is 8x + 8-x?

4x +4 -x = 7 3x = 3 x=1 8x +8 -x = 7x +8 = 7*1 +8 = 15