Which of the following is not a conserved quantity?

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Answered: Rain water conservation

When caught out in a thunderstorm, never wring your clothes out over the toilet. Instead, wring them out over a large mixing container that you can buy at a box store- These are about $15.00 after tax. When the rain has stopped, you can take the container and add your collected water to that ...

Answered: Candle followers

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Answered: Conservative

To be a conservative you must: Have or be working on an earned degree in a discipline that benefits the nation and community. Have or commit to at least two years national service (Military, Peace Corps, Americorps, Community Food banks, volunteer with character building youth activity) etc ...

Answered: Is there a conservation easement where land is used by social club

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Answered: Getting followers

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I don't know how they do it, but this is one suggestion: acres of habitat available divided by acres required per bear for healthy animals equals number of bears that should be on the acreage. If more are there, they need to be hunted to remove the "extra" count and reduce the actual number of ...

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Do as I do. Did you ever try to haul in a load of groceries in a ripped paper bag, only to spill most of the groceries on the floor when the bag finally let go? The solution is the reusable canvas grocery bag. They are tough, inexpensive, have handles for easier carry, do not rip, and save trees ...

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