Which of the following is a benefit of the Six Sigma process?

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Answered: Limitation Six Sigma

Hi, As far as I know 6 sigma can be applied only to parameters that can be measured precisely / accurately. In other words, 6 Sigma can't be applied to metrics that are subjective (satisfaction, comfort, ease, nice, beauty, .... or it depends who measures / reads it...... ). Best regards,

Answered: Why do six sigma continuous improvement concepts help business

Businesses depend on first-time customers who go on to become repeat customers. Six sigma guarantees a trouble-free product (zero defects) and any company having a six sigma policy succeeds. A good example is in the auto industry where GM tried but could not get that good as compared to Toyota. This ...

Answered: What are the advantages of lean sigma over other techniques like six

Quite frankly, there are no real differences between Lean Six Sigma and lean manufacturing in general. The bottomline is still about reducing waste in business processes, and both achieve very similar results with similar methods. I've read alot about the certificate program, and there is a good ...

Answered: Quality in Education through Six Sigma

Six Sigma in education is a Quality Philosophy. It’s a philosophy that talks about attainable short-term goals while striving for long term objective. Our mission to have a Total Quality Person (TQP) with a vision that Every Child is Potentially the Light of the World and a Pride of the Human Race ...

Answered: Process essay?

Buying essays, like any other act of plagiarism, will result in failure of the class where it was submitted, and a second offense shall result in expulsion. Obviously whoever suggested that fraud has never graduated college and hopes to deny others any hope of a degree. It is that serious a matter ...

Answered: Are the free word processing programs safe?

Yes, they are. I suggest open office.
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