which of the following countries do people prefer to maintain the largest personal space Mexico,France, England or Sudi Arabia?

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Answered: Youtube Largest Human Skelton's found


Answered: Which Lumberton is the largest town in the country?

Hempstead, NY is the largest town in America, not Lumberton.

Answered: Why are people so stupid.

Why is it that only our resident leftist is so bitter and unintelligent that she cannot pass the eighth grade -- as of 1895. Leftists delight to prove their absolute stupidity, racism, and moronic devotion to Obama. That makes them boring. Well, one can only expect so much from typical racist ...

Answered: Name of the person who hid the followers of god

Her name is Rahab. You can find her story in the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament.

Answered: People Person

I am a people person through and through. I love people and enjoy being around them. I think everyone needs some time alone and time to think as do I. I get alone to read and to pray. Then I'm ready to be with people again. I never tire of people. I grew up in a large family; I got used to people ...
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i can only say what they do in massachusetts, but our courts cover up to 6 city's then they go to the worst crimes first, then they continue going down the list getting the worst crimes first next to the worst so on. this state uses the grand jury before handing down an inditment (accusation) you ...

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Anyone should be able to hug anyone , Yes, alot of people can bugger this up... Sooo , If A law were to be made about hugging, the logical law would be to ' Ask for the hug 'the hugger should ask the potential huggee for the hug...Thats pretty much commen sense though... I will gladley give and ...