Which musical traditions did jazz originally mix?

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Answered: What is it about jazz music that makes you go ...

Smiley: (Smiley - what the heck kind of handle is that to have??) Anyway.....hard to put into words. Yes, the technical part is always interesting, of course - but it's the improvising of the original melody....the imagianation of the soloist that draws us....I think. And then if you have ...

Answered: Name of album and artist: a new jazz recording beginning with this song

I find that impossible to answer as Killer Joe is a jazz classic written in 1954 and recorded by multiple artists.

Answered: Good Jazz artists?

Hello no name. (what's with that?) Herbie Hancock. Keith Jarrett. Gary Burton. Stan Getz. Wayne Shorter. Bill Evans. George Mraz. Chick Corea. Ron. (see no name - I have a name)

Answered: Where's the best place to listen to jazz music ...

I can only give you suggestions for the NYC area. My favorite spots are Birdland & The Village Vanguard. Iridium has great acoustics, but not so great seating arrangement, bad angles. As the previous poster said, it depends on your tastes in jazz. New York has many, many outdoor concerts (some free ...
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A jazz music quote

It is becoming increasingly difficult to decide where jazz starts or where it stops, where Tin Pan Alley begins and jazz ends, or even where the borderline lies between between classical music and jazz. I feel there is no boundary line ~ Duke Ellington

Jazz of the 1930 1940 who was in the top ten and what was everyone

I Was the Best IN the 1930's My Name Is Jimmy Hendrix

jam jazz sessions?lynnwood wa. area

Roberto: Check with your local musicians union. Ron.

Jazz Music

I found this great website called secondhandsongs.com, which lists which artists covered have covered other artists' songs. Here is the direct link to the covers of James Taylors song! http://www.secondhandsongs.com/artist/1502.html