Which moviestars have false teeth?

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Answered: Permanent Teeth Not Coming In

Same thing happened with my daughter. Her baby teeth didn't want to come out...they had to pull her baby teeth out at the dentist office...and once before she got braces...she had to have oral surgery to cut the gum away from the tooth and afterwards they arranged her braces to pull the tooth down ...

Answered: Some of my 12 yrs old daughter's permanent teeth ...

Go to the ortho and tell him what the dentist said and the "ortho" will do it.

Answered: Why are my sons k9 teeth so pointy ? he is 2 years ...

You can certainly worry if you want to but I don't see what good that will do. Isn't it natural for canine teeth to be pointy?

Answered: Teeth

You have 20 deciduous teeth and they start growing into your mouth from about 6 months of age. http://www.bestinteethwhitening.com/

Answered: I drink lots of coffee and my teeth are starting ...

Frances, Just go to your dentist for a regular cleaning. That will remove all of the coffee stains. You need regular cleanings anyway. Anna Sparky's Mom
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Bad teeth

If you mean ill fitting dentures or if the dentist did something for you which you feel is no good, then go to another dentist for an opinion and/or call your local dental society for their peer review commitee and have the work impartially reviewed. If you are wrong, then you will be embarrassed.

Clear teeth

I just wanted to say Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I greatly appreciate it.

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My niece and nephews all did it because they were looking forward to the tooth fairy leaving them money.

Toddler cold sores and teething

What you can do is make sure he is not putting any objects into his mouth.. and also to keep his hands out of his mouth as well.. toddlers tend to place many things in their mouth when teething and if he is doing just that.. it would be a reason to why he is having mouth sores.. I have a teething ...