which model describe the duties of probation and parole officers sees clients as wards whom officers are expected to control?

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Answered: Can u be on probation still if u were discharged off parole??

What kind of probation order extends FOR LIFE? What States?

Answered: If I am on probation in boston mass and my ...

you must check with the state where you live, in my state [ILLINOIS] this is not allowed any two people on parole or probation cannot plan to live together the only exception is, is that you were married before the parole & probation were given. as for your second question in my state you couldn't ...

Answered: I want to find out where my my composition check is

I also am very concerned about this. Maybe I won't even sleep tonight.

Answered: Names of parole officers

In order to find out the names of the parole officers you need to contact the Probation Department. Here is their web page with this information.

Answered: Probate Do I have to file a probate for my husband ...

You might need to file in probate court to get title transferred to your name for the house. The vehicles, if registered in both names, you can probably go to the DMV with a death certificate; but if they are only in his name, you might need probate. But depending on your state, there may be a ...

Answered: Can i violate probation for too much prescription medication in urine

What were the charges that lead to probation? What is the medication involved? Do you possess a current prescription for the medication that was found in your urine>
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I need a answer on why I want to be a probation officer

I think that can only come from you. How would I know the answer to what you feel or think about that profession? Maybe start with asking yourself "what attracts me to this job?"

Is a bachelors degree for elkhart city probation ...

You have to pass an exam to be a probation officer in Indiana and in order to take that exam, you must have a 4-year degree http://www.in.gov/judiciary/probation/qualifications.html

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Can they violate your parole after your discharge date for not reporting

On the issue of parole.....well, Texas is mostly know for judicial corruption. In most states, there would be no violation of parole after date of discharge, if you have not been arrested for a crime. But, for sure, you can get probation for not reporting to your parole officer. Not reporting is a ...