which is worse tar or nicotine?

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Answered: Does nicotine come through the sperm of cigarette smokers?

Some research suggests that exposure to a variety of toxic substances, including some found in cigarettes, can damage sperm and/or lower one's sperm count. Yet another reason to get your man to quit smoking!

Answered: What effects does nicotine have on a person's blood sugar?

Nicotine also inhibits the release of insulin from the pancreas, a hormone that is responsible for removing excess sugar from a person's blood. This leaves the smoker in a slightly hyperglycemic condition, meaning he has more sugar in his blood than is normal. High blood sugar acts as an appetite ...

Answered: Why president picks worse of worse?

Until the Republicans took their new Senate seats January 3, the Democrats could confirm anyone without any Republican votes. Why does the president pick the most left-wing person? That's because he wants left-wingers, which Republicans could block if he waited. If you are a Republican, those are ...

Answered: Can you get Nicotine Poisoning from handeling fresh tobacco from a can

Nicotine poisoning is possible whenever wet or moist tobacco comes into contact with human skin. Nicotine can penetrate the skin. once this happens poisoning can not be ruled out. so yes if its wet its possible to get poisoned.

Answered: How to get tar out of a dryer

I find that olive oil or grape seed oil works really well in getting tar off of clothes, just pour a little bit on and gently scrape with your finger nail. Then rinse it out with dish soap and launder as normal, works wonders- so you could try that on the dryer or buy a Multi-Purpose Auto Cleaner ...
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How do nicotine amounts in little cigars and cigarettes compare?

Little cigars that have filters generally have more nicotine than cigarettes and are not made to be inhaled. The little cigars generally use pipe tobacco or unprocessed cigar tobacco scraps. I really advise against inhaling as you would with cigarettes. The advantage that you have with little cigars ...

How long does it take nicotine to get out of my body, once I stop

how long will it take to get all of teh nictene out of my body if i've been smoking a pack a day for fofty years?

Celeb Weight-Better or Worse Media?

I thought things had got better when the media seemed to be against the size zero craze, but then so many magazines seem to have pictures of celebs who have put on weight all the time. Whilst the public still prefer small, the media will play to their readers.

Is nicotine only found in tobacco?

Nicotine is found (in lower concentration) in other plants of the nightshade family, including potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. And it is also found in tea leaves.