which is the most likely reason for adolescent impulsivity and risky behavior?

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Answered: What do you think of random discourtesy, rudeness for no reason? Too many

Today it is considered par for the course for the mostly crass among us. Lived in Europe and the Orient, found it to be delightfully different from our countries norm. Most people more gentile and better educated and concerned about their country. Understood their countries history. My ...

Answered: Weird toddler behavior: Why do they hit themselves? Why do they hit

Human nature, if left alone and not disciplined they would be mean as rats.

Answered: Which of the following behavior are adolescents most likely to engage

As you didn't include any 'following'.. I would say either game playing or squabbling.

Answered: Our 2 daughters, age 15 & 17 are fighting all the ...

As parents, you'd better guide them. They're always fighting and it's not good for your family relationship. You can take them out and play more mutual games together in order to improve their relation. www.wholesalejerseyslord.com

Answered: Reasons for hostile dog behavior

There are many reasons why a dog would behave in an aggressive matter. Does he feel threatened by someone or something? Is he or was he abused? No matter what the reason, there are ways to change this type of behavior. But it takes patience and consistency. If you can be more specific about what ...
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One thing you said raises a HUGE 'red flag' with me: that she has requested a deadbolt on her bedroom door. Was she sexually molested by your ex? If you say 'no', are you SURE?? Letting your ex hang at your house when he so obviously continues to intimidate you & frighten your kids is a really ...

Is my 11-year old addicted to video games?

yes, video games can be really addictive. specially for 16 yrs old and below.

Jailing adolescents primarily for alcohol and drug treatment, not

This is an important question. Very important. If you can't get the help you need from AOL try calling Focus Adolescent Services.

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I've had several of my emails lost, people tell me they never received them.