Which is the most accurate pulse Apical, axillary, brachial and carotid?

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Answered: Why is the carotid pulse checked in an emergency

Actually it is used because when you are in shock most other pulses might be gone due to the bodies natural tendency to shut down the peripheral blood flow to save flow to the major organs.They felt it would be easier to feel.But now they feel that non medical personel have a hard time finding it ...

Answered: Do you treat brachial vein clot with anticoagulants.

My very limited experience with this goes back decades. Without invoking a Dr. G conslutation, I say no. But that does not seem to make a lot of sense. I would think that a big fresh clot in the brachial vein would have a reasonably high chance of breaking off and embolizing to the lungs.

Answered: Does anyone know the effects of a carotid blockage effects as to which

One of the common effect carotid blockage is the vision effect - if a blockage in the carotid artery affects the flow of blood to parts of the brain that control sight, loss or damage to vision may occur. The Mayo Clinic warns that vision side effects of a carotid artery blockage can occur ...

Answered: Where to get accurate gout list on foods

Baking soda, strawberries, grapes and alfalfa are really useful to get relief from gout pain . Also alkaline foods is helpful to reduce gout pain

Answered: Fast pulse

High blood pressure ? Heart flutter ? Mitral valve prolasp ? [ commen in women ] Just in neck ? Both sides equally? Sometimes if carotids pressed too hard to check pulse it will increase the rate. Dick, RN
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The most common pulse oximeter in the medical community is the ADC pulse oximeter

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Thank you, k. What can I do? What CAN I do? There is so much good material. People are so kind as to provide me opportunities to be silly.

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