which is stronger 0.025% or 0.05%?

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Answered: Which is stronger .25% or .05%?

.25% is five times as much as .05%

Answered: Which is higher dose, .05 mcg or 112 mcg?

112 is always bigger than 0.05 (in fact 1140 times bigger) regardless what the units are (provided both quantities are in the same units). I have the feeling that you ment 0.112 [mcg]. Still 0.112 is bigger than 0.05 (just write them in the same way ans see: 0.050 or 0.112)

Answered: How much is 0.25 of a inch?

0.25 inch is a quarter of an inch.

Answered: What would make my wifi stronger?

You may need a range extender to get good Wi-Fi signals distant from the router. Most homes don't need it.
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