which is more efficient? edenpure heater or duraflame quartz heater?

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Answered: Where can I buy a natural QUARTZ in New York CIty?

By looking up ROCK SHOPS in New York City, and CRYSTALS in New York City, I came across stores that sell QUARTZ in NYC. When I looked up QUARTZ by itself, my options were must more limited. QUARTZ is really just one of many minerals, and it includes lots of gemstones that are in the quartz family ...

Answered: Compare Eden Heaters to Oil based heaters

It allegedly uses 35% less energy to create safe heat. Once the desired temperature is met, the heater will turn itself off. For an oil based heater, you have to manually turn it off and you can also burn yourself if you're not careful.

Answered: Edenpure vs iheater

I think there is no major difference between iHeater and Eden Pure heater , maybe only price can vary depending on model. In any case you will not make a mistake.

Answered: Are tankless water heaters really more efficient?

Maybe you'll find the answer to your question on http://thetanklessheaters.com

Answered: What is the differance beetween iheaters and edenpure heaters

The difference is price. Although they are almost identical products, the Edenpure is more expensive. Also, if you purchase an iHeater at the Official site www.officialiheater.com you get Free, Same Day, Express Shipping and a Free, One Year Factory Warranty. They also have great promotions. Don ...

Answered: search for smokey quartz

Lake George Area, Colorado
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Quartz Meanings

Hi, Quartz is the most abunsant mineral in the world (SiO2). It can appear in one colour or more. Multi is another word for many.... so multi-colored quartz is a crystal of quartz that has many colors. The possible colors: white, rose, milk, purple, yellow, red, mint green, pink, brown, grey ...

Quartz heaters who has one and does it work?

I have used and own a Quartz heater for over 5 years. Quartz heaters work by warming an object not the air. You still have to maintain the safety aspects of a space heater.


Hi, To do the right thing in an effective (that gives results) way.... it must be also at the right time with the right budget etc (environmentally OK: noise, waiste, energy, resorces, etc...). best regards,

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hello, I think, there are lots of small thing that can help you to save energy.If we keep some little things in our mind then we will be able to save electricity .These are given below. 1:- Shut down bulb when it is not used. 2:- When you go out of room switch off lights and fans and other ...