Which is greater, 0.04 or 0.4 explain.?

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Answered: Youth Obesity

Today youth are more victims of obesity due to unhealthy eating habits. Check out how to treat obesity. http://www.youngisthan.in/health-guide/treating-obesity/3744

Answered: Explain 8/9c

This is totally nonsense. You cannot explain it as 8 eastern/ 9 central when eastern is always 1 hour ahead of central. There is no such thing as 8/9c. It should be 9/8c where it is 9 eastern/8 central.

Answered: Can anybody explain me the difference between A GREAT DEAL OF and PLENTY

It's basically a question of level of language: "a great deal of" (more formal English); "plenty of" (colloquial English).

Answered: Which is the greater amount .4 or .04?

.4 is the same as .40 which is bigger than .04

Answered: Timing chain replacement on 04 Pathfinder

Timing chains are not time change items like timing belts. Timing chains pretty much last the life of the engine.

Answered: How Is 4/9ths are greater than 0.4?

2 ways to get to the answer: Either convert the decimal to a simple fration, or convert the simple fraction to a decimal fraction. 1. 0.4 = 4/10 Clearly 4/9 is bigger than 4/10 (what is a bigger slice 4/9 of a Pizza [a Pizza that you divide to 9 equal parts], or 4/10 of the ...
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Why is .4 greater than .04?

Division not only leads to multiplication but also reduction. 0.4 -> result of dividing 4 items ten times. 0.04 -> result of dividing 4 items one hundred times. The resultant size is smaller. So, 0.04 is smaller than 0.4

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Java Virtual Machines operate on Java bytecode, which is normally (but not necessarily) generated from java source code; a JVM can also be used to implement programming languages other than Java. For example, Ada source code can be compiled to Java bytecode, which may then be executed by a JVM. JVMs ...

Is this > greater than or less than?

> is for greater than, < is for less than.