which is correct grammar? Cathy and me? or Kathy and I?

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Answered: Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? "I feel well

"I feel good" is good grammar. "Good" is an adjective that describes mood, and some other possible feelings are bad, happy, exhilarated. "I feel bad" is also correct. "Well" is most often an adverb rather than a feeling. "I feel well" could be acceptable for someone who judges the quality of ...

Answered: What is correct grammar: I slept wonderful or I slept wonderfully

You need the adverb form "wonderfully" that describes how you slept.

Answered: Correct grammar

Thanks a bunch. Your answer was crystal clear. If I have any more grammar questions I hope you see them!

Answered: Correct way to write out the year

as per me first is correct one. But if you still have doubt visit proofreadservices where they provides proofreading services, essay check and many more.

Answered: How do I correct AOL signed in (not responding ...

Hi Janet: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Freezing issues in AOL Mail

Answered: Correct grammar of the word "begun"

If you use the helping word "have," "has," or "had", use the third principle part of the verb, which would be "begun."
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You want to make sure that the subject of the sentence agrees with the verb. The subject of a sentence is never in a prepositional phrase; "of Commisioners" is a prepositional phrase, so eliminate it. The subject is Board and since it is singular, you need a singular verb - in this case, has. The ...

Is it correct grammar to say good in swimming or good at swimming?

Some adjectives take specific prepositions, therefore, the correct preposition with good in this sense is at. "I am good at swimming."

Which is grammatically correct: leader/s or leader(s)

A little more information about the way the word is used in a sentence would be helpful, but I can't think of any instance when "leader/s" would be correct. Often when the number is uncertain, a form like "leader(s)" is used to indicate that there could be one leader or several leaders.

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Remember the manger scene??? Christmas started then period. God gave us the gift of eternal life and we show that by giving gifts to one another. Over many, many years, it has become commercialized with alot of peganistic rituals tossed in, (remember, we are in a spiritual war), that's part of ...