which is correct grammar? Cathy and me? or Kathy and I?

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Answered: Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? "I feel well

"I feel good" is good grammar. "Good" is an adjective that describes mood, and some other possible feelings are bad, happy, exhilarated. "I feel bad" is also correct. "Well" is most often an adverb rather than a feeling. "I feel well" could be acceptable for someone who judges the quality of ...

Answered: Is this sentence grammatically correct?

yes, the sentence posted above is grammatically correct.

Answered: Auto correct

Hi- I was having this problem. Thought it was AOL, until I noticed it happening on another site when I was entering text. Have you recently upgraded Internet Explorer (or purchased a new computer)? There is a feature that automatically corrects your spelling. To undo it, go here for instructions ...

Answered: Is this sentence grammatically correct:

Yes, this sentence is grammatically correct. A few years ago, My English was very poor, then I used nonplus(dot)net. I improved my knowledge with the help of this tool.

Answered: What is correct grammar: I slept wonderful or I slept wonderfully

You need the adverb form "wonderfully" that describes how you slept.

Answered: Is this correct?

Yes, the sentence is written correctly.
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as per me first is correct one. But if you still have doubt visit proofreadservices where they provides proofreading services, essay check and many more.

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I think Ladies' Day Program is right. To be 100% sure why don't you ask an English teacher from one of the local schools and then post the answer.

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