which is bigger 3MM or 5MM?

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Answered: What larger 3mm or 4mm?

Always 4 is bigger than 3 ....... regardless what you compare: distance, height, width, depth, volume, area, speed. accelaration, weight, price, cars, flowers.... etc...... I wonder why do you think that if you compare milimeters it will be different..... unless it is some kind of joke......

Answered: What is the bigger car, grand prix or pt cruiser?

Grand Prix is a little larger and weighs a little more

Answered: Im not happy with my breast and want them bigger with out going under the

Get complete information how to cure and deal, if you trouble in menstrual cycle and suffer with breast tenderness. The breasts often retain fluids, causing them to swell. During menstrual cycle, breasts add new cells to milk-producing ducts & glands, which also make them, swell and get tender ...

Answered: Neediber the words bigger so i can read them

Within Internet Explorer on the bottom right of the page there is a drop down box where you can make the test on the page bigger. Try that and see if it helps.

Answered: How to make writing bigger

If you mean the writing on your computer screen, press the + while holding down the Ctrl key. Each press will make writing a bit larger.

Answered: How to i make my words bigger when i am on aim

Click here to learn how to change the font on AIM.
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