which is better nutrition or exercise?

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Answered: Lose weight, become healthier, fun exercise, proper nutrition

Another great website for weight loss tips is www.fast-flat-stomach.com

Answered: Exercise

you should talk to a experienced trainer about this matter. you can search web. its helpful. source:http://fulltruthaboutabs.com/

Answered: Medicine ball exercises?

The Medicine Ball is a heavy bag full of dried beans. Algonkin natives used this device to train their warriors. They used Medicine Balls that weighed a tenth, a fourth, and half, the weight of the warriors. They also had tough games like Patagaway (modernly called Lacrosse) and archery ...

Answered: Can a person stick to an exercise plan if they are doing it by

I enjoy my workout alone. You can speed up or slow down when you want. If I get tired I walk really slow for a little while and then gradually pick up the pace. I always listen to music on my phone and sometimes I talk on the phone the whole time I'm exercising. The other thing is I keep a journal ...

Answered: Nutrition

Not really. Bloody meat might have a bit more iron, but it likely also has much more e coli. Meat must be cooked to 350 degrees to be safe to eat. I tend to prefer my meat medium well, or well if it's hamburger. My dad now, he sorta waved his meat at the fire and that was good for him.

Answered: exerciser

You can purchase it online. Try ebay.com Plyometric Exercises
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Exercise sit-ups

Definitely both. The goal of abdominal training is to maximize the involvement of the abdominals, while minimizing the involvement of the hip flexors. So both force may apply.


A great stomach and thighs exercise is an by simply using an eliiptical machine . Many studies have been done that have proven their effects on toning the body while not impacting your muscles and joints.

Do facial exercises reduce wrinkles - I am worried that they may make

Hey there. I honestly feel that all the news about facial exercises might just be a fad. Take a look at the article I wrote about it on my website called facial exercises where it discussed double chin exercises and facial workouts that were growing in popularity. I think the important ...

Can nutrition affect adhd?

Brain is directly impacted by the food choices we make. Behavior of ADHD patient can be improved by improving nutritions in his/her food.It is proved that complete vitamin and mineral supplement. Mangnesium, zinc, vitamin b6 & Antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E are proved for ADHD treatment ...