which is an example around the world that you would use chi-square analysis?

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Answered: Can spss do a chi-square test for trend

Several tests do this, including the Armitage chisquared test for trend, the Mantel-Haenszel linear-by-linear association, and Kendall’ s rank correlation tau b. SPSS does the Mantel-Haenszel linear-by-linear association chi-squared test, whether you want it or not. You should select "statistics ...

Answered: How to take the squared (O-E) and divide it by the expected frequency.

Here's an automatic table for performing this calculation. Hope it helps.

Answered: Tai Chi as a martial art?

Yes, I have. And yes, Tai Chi Chuan was and is a martial art. If you can find a good instructor, try to get them to show you the fast form. It's not well known because there aren't many who know it and teach it. And it's kept rather secret.

Answered: I have had a semen analysis report as followed ...


Answered: Who will be the world leader? The New World Order

I can see a few problems with the proposed "one world order." It would be unaccountable, there would be no checks or balances to maintain the fair treatment of the people, and it would be so corrupt that no one would get anything done. Human frailty being what it is, the idea is truly frightening ...
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HELP!!! Chi square tests, anovas and z tests

First off, using a z-test is not what you want to use. The reason is this: you can not run a z-test unless you know the population mean and population standard deviation. I am going to assume that you do not, as I am not sure if there has ever been a population mean set for women obtaining a ...

How to apply the ANOVA in categorical data? and

in categorical variable, it is not advisable to do ANOVA which will be advice to apply for quantitative variable. they are lots of categorical test like, MLR, LR, LOG LINEAR MODEL ETC.. the categorical data analysis always to be explored proportionate base result, i.e., comparative analysis like ...

Analysis paper

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