which is a better skylight velux or wasco?

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Answered: What is the difference between a Velux skylight ...

I hate to tell you this Linnlinn but you've been had. There is no such company as "Twighlight skylights" or "Twilight skylights" so you've got a product with either no or a very limited warranty and in any case no match for the quality Velux skylight product. Hopefully you haven't paid the company ...

Answered: Can I clean the glass on a Velux skylight with ...

I agree. I bought my Velux Skylights at www.1stwindows.com and everything went really well and I got them at a great price! I would highly recommend them.

Answered: Installing skylight, with roof having 3 lays of asphalt singles. Best

I'm a roofing contractor, and this is a really hard one. It may well be impossible to get down to the roof deck through 3 layers and then put it back together after the skylight is in. You have to remember that if its 3 layers of 20-year 3-tab shingles, then the bottom layer will be 40-60 years old ...

Answered: Skylight Leaks

Jeld-wen bought out Wenco - maybe they can help you

Answered: Need a internet address for Sunburst skylights.

If I got it right here you go http://www.sunburstskylight.com/

Answered: Is solatube or velux better

Solatube Daylighting Systems come in 2 sizes, the 160 DS (10" in diameter) and the 290 DS (14"). The 160 DS produces up to 4600 lumens, while the 290 DS produces up to 9100 lumens. I have no idea what any other brand's lumen output is however, you will most always get more light with a Solatube ...
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