which groups were frequent victims of violence in mining towns?

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Answered: If i am the victim can i still talk to the ...

It depends what the crime was and if you are suing them for this crime. Do not feel pressured to speak to your attacker. If you want to do so to understand the reason or try to solve the problem, then you may talk to them. A victim can drop charges, but if a crime took place, then you should let ...

Answered: If i am the victim can i still talk to the ...

If you have a restraining order against someone you can get in trouble just like they can for being around each other.

Answered: What does violence prove?

We were CREATED, Lady Darko, so you are right, we didn't "evolve." No one has the right to persecute people for living the truth. Nor do they have the right to amend history about such as the Crusades. Did you know that Muslims burned Churches nearly 400 years before the Church finally said that ...

Answered: About mining

HCS high-performance cone crusher is used for crushing various minerals and rocks with medium hardness or above. The machine has features of big crushing force, high efficiency, large handling capacity, low-cost operation, easy to adjust and cheap price. Because of the reasonable components and ...

Answered: What is most important to elder victims independence or security from

A study I was reading just the other day showed that the majority of seniors greatest fear is being alone and dependent.

Answered: A religious group moved into a town and took over the town in the usa in

That would be a great move, depending on the religion. When Christians come in to live in a place, they are mellow, fit in well with the community, and live peaceably. When Jews move in, they bring order and decency where none existed before. When Muslims move in, it is a hostile takeover that ...
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