Which fast food chain sells fried pickles?

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Answered: Sub shops in baltimore county who take food stamps and delivers 21221

Food stamps are not allowed to be used for hot, prepared food. And if you're wasting them on sub sammiches, I would suggest you don't need them that bad. If you want a sub, go buy a prepared sub at walmart. They're decent. Of course, you have to do a little work taking them apart so you can heat em ...

Answered: Fast-Food Chain in Japan

yes, Fast food starts from Japan.

Answered: What is your favorite fast food chain? Why?

I guess Panera if it is even considered fast food. Fast food burgers are bad news. http://americanfoodcultureandmore.blogspot.com

Answered: What are the most popular fast food chains in the UK

Could it be Fish and chips? or bangers and mash? I wouldnt think it was an american company.

Answered: What was the first fast-food chain that was based in Japan

Thanks alot, "Bonestructure"...you gave me the answer I was looking for
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Is there such a thing as healthy fast food?

Fast food, by it's nature, is not generally healthy, but when you do go to a fast food joint (and hopefully it's only occasionally), you can make healthier choices. For example, instead of the mega-burger with cheese and bacon, choose the grilled chicken sandwich and skip the mayo or special sauce ...

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