Which famous Revolutionary War figure less famously worked as a dentist?

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Answered: Rich and famous homes fort lauderdale, fl Took a tour and a person named

ME and PA are famous, come by and see us PA's O'Hair Salon. All Natural beauty products.

Answered: Famous people ?

King Solomon In one account, known as the Judgment of Solomon, two women came before Solomon to resolve a quarrel over which was the true mother of a baby. When Solomon suggests dividing the living child in two with a sword, the true mother is revealed to him as she is willing to give up her ...

Answered: What famous animal died on august 21, 1971

I did not find the answer!!!!!! Help

Answered: Why do all celebrities and people that are famous have to be controlled

Someone is investing money in the celebrity's image. They are putting something out under the assumption that they will see a return on it. This is why celebrities are expected to behave a certain way, wear a certain product, speak a certain way, etc. They do what their sponsors want them to do in ...
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