which electric fireplace heater is best?

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Answered: An electric bike as the main transport?

If you need a bike just for moving around the city I would never go with electric version because I like working out. But I do agree that this futristic version has its merrits.

Answered: I am planning to buy a new heater, I need to pick between a halogen

Both of them are okay, but talking about electricity consumption, halogen heater works best. Of course, make sure it works well in your place; test this device through electrical testers that are for sale .

Answered: Need to know Mixing brands: gas cooktop over electric wall oven?

Nice response prior.. yes wolf is nice but indeed pricey.. the reason the manufacturers are telling you not to mix is they each want you buying their products solely..lol If it is indeed in sound shape go ahead & use that! it should be separate from the oven anyway from your description, I have ...

Answered: Electric water heater problem

rent/borrow an electric impact wrench and socket from tool rental that has worked for me in the past. i think it was 1 1/2 inch socket

Answered: What would make you hotwater heater flip the breaker

Do you have an electric water heater?

Answered: Amish fireplace this is in newpapers buy 1 get 2nd heater free does

All electric heating elements are approximately 100% efficient, but while technically true that fact can be misleading. First of all if your heater has a fan as well as a heating element, the fan reduces the efficiency from a scientific standpoint, but even so it might help the thing warm up your ...
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Heating element and/or heat switch on electric fireplace

Ask help for some professionals in that field. They know best. Make sure they know how use testers in testing your new switches. Try to rent one.

Due to extremely high home-fuel costs i need to ...

Have you thought about ventless gas fireplaces. We have one. It works during power outages and it is ventless so there is no need for a chimney. And because of that all of the heat comes in the room. no wood not fuss no muss and also works during power outages. http://www.realflame.com ...

Is the water heated consistantly with a solar water heater?

With solar pool heaters , you are going to get excellent heating when there is direct sunlight. On cloudy days or during the night, you will not heat as much. However, because of built in reservoirs that store warmed water, there will be some heated water available on those days.

Gel fueled fireplaces

http://gelfuelfireplacesonline.com/gel_fuel_fireplaces.html You can buy the gelfuel fireplace inserts and fuel tanks here.