which dosage is more .025 mcg or .075 mcg?

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Answered: Which is higher dose, .05 mcg or 112 mcg?

112 is always bigger than 0.05 (in fact 1140 times bigger) regardless what the units are (provided both quantities are in the same units). I have the feeling that you ment 0.112 [mcg]. Still 0.112 is bigger than 0.05 (just write them in the same way ans see: 0.050 or 0.112)

Answered: Proper medicince dosage

Do not give your child any over-the-counter medication until consulting with the doctor who prescribed the naproxen. It's too risky and the doctor may be able to give your son something stronger/different if he's in a lot of pain.

Answered: Dosage

They are directions indicating how many times per day the dose should be administered. It goes like this: SID or QD = Once a day BID = Twice a day TID = Three times a day QID = Four times a day However, The Joint Commission which acredits hospitals and nursing homes has recommended that these ...

Answered: What is the dosage requirement for suicide with Ambien

Please check out http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ .

Answered: Please solve 0.75 x 18 + 0.25x = 17

Solve :- = 0.75 x 18 + 0.25 x = 17 = 13.5 + 0.25 x =17 = 0.25 x = 17 - 13.5 = 0.25 x = 3.5 = x = 3.5 /0.25 = x = 14(answer)

Answered: What is stronger medication, .075% or .0375%?

.075% is twice as strong as .0375%
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What is the correct dosage of smz-tmt (sulphametozoate/trimethoprim for

I advise you to take the dog to the vet to get the proper dosage.

Is sythroid 125 MCG higher than synthroid 112 MCG

1. It's SYNTHROID 2. You really don't know if 125 is more than 112? The mcg is irrelevent. It could be ounces, lbs., chickens, kumquats, sardines, broken bones, bottles of beer, oak trees, IQ, or anything else. 125 of anything is ALWAYS more than 112. ALWAYS!! Please do not procreate.

Maximum dosage


What does 0-25 or 37.4 blood test result mean?

I think you are looking at a test whose normal range is 0 to 25, and your result was 37.4 which is marked H for Higher than normal. What it means depends on which test it was, and sometimes on your age and sex. A sedimentation rate has a normal range of 0-25 for a woman under 50. A high reading ...