which continents have an area between 5 and 10 million square miles each ?

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Answered: Air miles on shopping?

Yes, you can earn Air miles when you shop with a miles credit card from Maybank. With this Horizon Platinum Visa Card you can earn 2 air miles on every dollar you spend.

Answered: How big is this area in square meters

Hi Jayzee, The area is 4,200 square meters (60 * 70). Best regards,

Answered: What city is about 23.5 square miles?

An Internet search finds Houston, Alaska; Gulf Breeze, Florida; Leavenworth, Kansas. Also the ancient city of Ur.

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It could be the clash of two plates on the crust of the earth. One plate pushes into the other so that the other is forced upward creating a mountain range.

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