which city is the home to the first starbucks /location?

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Answered: Starbucks Barista

Starbucks is not a franchise all stores are company owned except for a tiny few that must have single owners to be in certain shopping centers.

Answered: City of domino, kenyucky

I found a record of a 1922 locomotive boiler accident in Domino, Ky. So there must have been one at one time. I found a map of a historical Domino, Kentucky in Perry County. http://kentucky.hometownlocator.com/maps/feature-map,ftc,3,fid,2557193,n,domino%20post%20office.cfm

Answered: City Locations

You can try this website http://www.worldcitydb.com

Answered: Starbucks Support Gay Marriage. Will YOU Boycott?

Gay marriage is about equal human rights, not politics. Nobody should have the right to vote away the human rights of others.

Answered: Have you seen Starbucks' new logo?

Some people think it is a risky move to make a big changes, well I don't think so as the function and legibility were improved in this new logo ... go here for more details about Starbucks logo http://www.logo-design-and-the-story-behind.com/Starbucks-logo.html
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