which cereal did astronauts eat during the Apollo 11 moon-landing mission?

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Answered: 20 July 1969, is our proudest day.

Indeed it is so. This day marks the time we stepped above our planetary cradle and became a spacefaring nation -- a step closer to divinity itself, yet we did it humbly as we should. The Apollo craftsays it best: "Here men from planet earth came in July 1968. We came in peace." That sums up ...

Answered: Apollo 11 Mission

Don't think they are..Can do some research.. Sweet G

Answered: Mirrors on the moon

Just as additional to DUDUSHMAYA's answer: The mirrors on the moon and the laser are so accurate system that we can measure the moonquakes (and the moon have such) and their frequency.

Answered: Who said this from Apollo 13....

The movie "Apollo 13" misquoted what actually was said and who originally said it. In fact, pilot John Swigert called Mission Control and said "Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here." Mission Control replied "This is Houston, say again." And then, mission commander Jim Lovell (played by Tom ...

Answered: Cereal for Breakfast or Cereal Anytime?

haha, i eat cereals but only for breakfast. i don't wanna try it during snack time

Answered: The new moon missions

It seems that unlike the ISS the American government and NASA are not looking for any partners for this andover. I would guess that one of the reasons is pride , because china an India are planing to visit the moon as well.
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