which Bronx, NY colleges accept students without a High School diploma?

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Answered: County records horn school 1978 high school diploma

Wiplomaere can i fine 1978 high school diploma

Answered: Do You accept students last year from European medical school to US

The only way to know if a U.S. medical school will accept a transfer from a European medical school is to contact the admissions department of the school you'd like to attend in the U.S. directly. Only they can tell you if they accept transfers.

Answered: High school diploma for adults

1)Study earn it. 2)Pay and get it. kupidiplom.biz - you can buy legit one here. I bought BA here never regret it .

Answered: Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my high school diploma besides

I agree, you will need to visit the school from where you have graduated. You can't find your high school diploma your city hall or expect to delivered to you online. Unless your far from that place, you can suggest to deliver it to you but you will need to contact them and make some ...
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How can I get my high school diploma, I want to know is there any

Try to ask some advices from your school and complete your diploma requirements. For what reasons you will need the financial aids? I don't remember that getting a diploma is expensive.

Why would a high school diploma benefit me

High school completion is very important as well as having a high school diploma. Just to make this short, having a high school diploma will give you doors on different opportunities from jobs to professional training.

Placement test after dual enrollment for high school students

Probably not, if it was a comprehensive exam for a Community College. But some of these state run schools often foul up, sometimes intentionally, trying to rip off the unknowing. Take someone who "knows the ropes" with you and demand to see first rate college counselor.