which battery can replace a rechargeable ctl1025 in a lee majors bionic hearing aid?

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Answered: My mom didn't want to use a hearing aid, but at ...

Well tell her that if they work get them. I have two that cove my whole ear and they work good. Being vain never helped me hear.

Answered: Can battery be recharged while vehicle in motion?

I am not sure which car you have. The Toyota Prius may, but here a great site for information on the latest electric cars and hybrid cars .

Answered: New Bluetooth hearing aids..are they any good?

Yes they are but not more than its use.

Answered: Where can I find hearing aids that I can program myself?

Have you tried Hearpod ? Its a 100% digital hearing aids and fully programmable. You may want to see how it'll fit you. There are a number of hearing aids reviews for your reference in case you also want to search out other hearing aid brands.

Answered: Please be advised that the term, “hearing impaired ...

Amen amen i am deaf myself! I do not enjoy this terminology because my being impaired is much different from others. For instance, i can do anything as you do except my hearing. I can read the communication 20 blocks away from my spot, can you? Gotta? --deafacts2414

Answered: I need to replace some rechargeable batteries.I ...

Yes you can, the ah or Amp hour of a battery is the storage capacity, bit like petrol in a car, the more you have the further you can travel, b ut you cant get there any quicker.
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Hi ccstaller, You know, it really just depends on what you want to do. If changing one battery out at a time works for you, then by all means do that. If you have some money to spare and if you feel like buying both at the same time, that's Ok tooHere is a website I found for you just in case ...