which bathroom moen faucet will fit in the holes that moen faucet 74000 84000 series is now?

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Answered: Where can i find a part for a 9yr old pfiste bathroom pull out faucets

You may refer to this site for more information http://www.wesmoindustries.com/

Answered: Moen s/s kitchen sink set Model #21657 - I ...

Take the handle off and check the nut holding the valve stem in place.

Answered: MY moen bathroom faucet is leaking. How do I repair it? Arlene

Shut the water off to the faucet.. then pull cap off knob ,then unscrew phillps screw.. after that replace w/ similar or same cartridge from home imp store

Answered: How do i go about fixing a leaky bathroom faucet?

Well an experienced plumber could fix it. But for any type of bathroom faucets you could visit http://www.webfaucets.com

Answered: Barely any water coming out of a newly installed kitchen faucet.

how do you reinstall the screen etc in a glazier bay kitchen faucet, I mixed up the parts.

Answered: Bathroom faucets

Do you want to buy a new faucet? I can give you some advice, a few days ago from honeybuy I bought a few pieces of faucet, may meet your requirements, but we use is very good, good quality, share with you once, you can go to see, wish you good luck
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