which baseball players need to wear heart guards?

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Answered: Littleleague baseball player who made it to big leagues

Joey Jay was the first Little Leaguer to make it to the major leagues in 1953.

Answered: Veterans day/purple heart,can the purple heart be worn just anytime or is

Most war veteran dont wear purple hearts unless in there class A dress uniform for some type of ceremony. You just dont wear it on your street clothes. Most veterans I know that are fellow comrades (soldiers) dont tell anyone that they have them becuase the ones who really got them for combat ...

Answered: Which player weares the biggest helmet??????

The Society for Creative Anachronism offers full-force fighting (with rataan swords) and they take an immense beating. Their stringent safety rules state that the helm must meet the shoulder armor, and take a killing blow. www.sca.org

Answered: Who's the best player in baseball?

Jose, but the Mets are going to end up without him next season.. Sweet G

Answered: Who was the first famous player

Cap Anson was famous in baseball in the 1880's.

Answered: I would like to know what a double roster player ...

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How do you make the necklaces that major league baseball players wear?

Worn by more than 200 Major League Baseball players and many more world class athletes. The strands of this revolutionary necklace from Phiten are coated with Aqua-Titanium. Its core has micro sized titanium spheres, as well as carbonized titanium. It can be worn on the wrist, ankle or waist to ...

Which baseball players have had a no hitter and a save

Tim Lincecum was the most recent pitcher with a no-hitter (his second) and a save in 2014. Nolan Ryan had 7 no-hitters and 3 saves in his career. Sandy Koufax had 4 no-hitters and 9 saves in his career. Vida Blue had a no-hitter and 2 saves. Larry Corcoran had 3 no-hitters and 2 saves in the ...

What year did team picture baseball cards come out

1956 is the earlist i could find. The 1956 Topps Baseball card set is considered by many to be one of the most attractive and highly desired sets ever produced. With rival Bowman out of the way, Topps increased the number of players in their set and the number of cards produced. The most notable ...

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yes . i think You need a professional repair shop to fix a turntable.