Which American presidents enacted a mandate?

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Answered: Is President Obama brain-dead or just stoned?

Consider that the Senate gave Obama the bum's rush on his latest attempt to escalate the war in Syria. The House did the same thing a few days later. Obama's drinking has gotten the better of him since 2009 and his drug abuse put him out of the "red button crew" three times -- because of his abuse ...

Answered: What are the american traditions for wedding?

Wedding music is an absolute essential part of a wedding ceremony. Traditionally, music is played before the bride arrives and whilst the bride walks down the aisle. This music depends largely on the type of ceremony; with a traditional church based ceremony, the music is likely to be from an organ ...

Answered: Since there was not mandate given to politicians ...

Only cold racists Side w/ Obama. Farrakhan, Wright, The rest of those loons. America has had it W/ Democrat abuses. We booted those criminals Out of the House. We next cleanse the Senate Of that racist corruption. All Dems are racists. Yell "God Damn America!" Get over it fascists. Your Kenyan ...

Answered: The Obama Presidency

jerome is still the dumbest person on AOL
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Which American President was impeached.?

Andrew Johnson-1869--------------William J.Clinton-1999

Who will be the next us president ??

Maybe you. After all, this is America, where any kid can grow up to be president. Seriously, though, I think a lot of votes for Bush in the last election were mostly votes against Kerry. The intervening years of frustrating war, troublesome economy and general displeasure with the current ...


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