Where's vinnie,99.9?

What happened to little vinnie on 99.9 kez?

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I dont know what happened to him -all I can say is that Im glad he is off the air...he was so obnoxious sometimes (most of the time) I quit listening to the morning program...there was and always will be only ONE Bill and even though Bill said some funny outrageous things-he had a way of saying them that was not out of line-I think Vinnie tried to be another Bill and unfortunately his comments came across in a whole different way-he just seemed like a loud mouth to me. I thought it was only me and that is why I switched stations but I guess there were a lot more people out there that felt the same way as me.

Ummm. Not so much. I loved Little Vinnie. His humor was sarcastic for sure, but that's what made him so funny! I thought he fit into that show perfectly and am wondering why the heck he didn't take over for Bill (rip Bill!). I wouldn't call Vinnie a "loud mouth" at all. A loud mouth is Rush Limbaugh or someone like that. Not Little Vinnie. Then KEZ had that Australian guy. Uggh. Boring! No they have Dooley.  Wasn't that an amimated movie? Dooley the Dog or something like that. Dooley's ok, but he's not as funny as Vinnie.  Beth is good and I love her, but it's just not the same without Bill and now with Vinnie gone I feel like my morning is incomplete!  :(

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