where will savoy oil drill next in lenawee county?

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Answered: OIL

Hi Judy, --------- Excellent question. The answer is not clear. I believe that the oil producers have sensetive detectors to the world economy (that's why I believe the prices went down, realising that the old prices are not realistic) and the prices will go up as soon as the economy will ...

Answered: Compensation for drilling on my land

Whomever owns the mineral rights to your land may do what is needed to obtain oil or other mineral resources from the surface or below your land without your approval. As far as compensation for doing so goes, you should check with an attorney who specializes in that area.

Answered: Where are the offshore drilling jobs?

Dubai is a fast growing city. Thousands of people migrate to Dubai every month in pursuit of a better life and career opportunities. In a recent survey Dubai was ranked 2nd most favorite place to live and work. And no wonder, since Dubai offers the best of everything, and it’s getting ...

Answered: California pumped oil

Thank you Jackyp for your help but I was told elsewhere that the oil we pump in Alaska is shipped to Japan. That all the oil we would pump would be sold to the highest bidder and not necessarily use in the U.S. so this makes me confused as to where it really does go.

Answered: Why Are We Wasting Time Talking About Drilling For Oil?

I'm an advocate of nuclear power. That would save a lot of oil for other more important uses. Geothermal might be good, but we don't have the technology yet and I find it a bit scary. But we need the oil. Transportation is the least important aspect. Oil products are vital for pharmaceuticals ...

Answered: Why Are We Wasting Time Talking About Drilling For Oil?

I agree with what has already been said. However there is one point that wasn't mentioned: profits (and I don't have to go into details).
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