where was this orginally published?

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Answered: Info on publishing books

wannapublish.com provides info on book publishing tips

Answered: I have Microsoft Publisher 98. Will the 2010 ...

Not knowing the answer has never been an impediment to our posting. If all your stuff is in an independent folder such as My Documents, then they will remain when you remove/update/install new software. You may have to look for them, but they will be there.

Answered: Mckay publishing co , New York City, NY Where is it located? Are they

If you're referring to David Mckay Publishing, according to this article , they're located out of Philadelphia, PA.

Answered: Is strategic publishing company a print on demand publisher?

The best strategic book publishing and self publishing company I know is Schiel & Denver Book Publishers . They've also got book publishing offices in the UK. Here's their blog. Happy book publishing, book publishing company authors .

Answered: How do you go about self-publishing on amazon?

The first thing is that you should describe your item clearly and completely. Check the ISBN, UPC or product number and make sure that ALL details match with what is listed on Amazon website. Make sure that your price is reasonable. You cannot expect to sell an item in the price that you ...

Answered: Publishers license

See this web site . It is only good for a specific area in the US.
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Hi. Your daughter is extremely talented at a young age. It is actually a good start if she gets to have something published and distributed to the market this early. I would suggest that you scout for self-publishing companies that provide services that will cater to your daughter’s book’s ...

How do i get published?

The fastest way to get published is to write a book that appeals to a mass audience but has few books available on that topic. Have a title that contains one or two keywords with high search result but low competition and a popular blog with a strong following. To get on the fast track to a ...

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There are loads of sites that can probably help. http://www.writing.com/ http://www.ebooksjustpublished.com/ http://members.ezinearticles.com/submit.php http://www.lulu.com/uk/?cid=eng_brand&gclid=CMSU0P6ypZkCFQsJ3wodPyQcqA