where was the boston bombers child while they were doing the bombs?

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Answered: Do you think the Boston Marathon will ever be run ...

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Answered: What does a scream with a Boston accent sound like? I'll bet it's

Anyone posting a "question" like this when people were killed and maimed is immature, an idiot, or both. Revolting to say the least.

Answered: Where was the bomber's child at the time of the bombing?

With it's Mother most likely. Don't really get the relevance of your question though. It's like, who cares? There are thousands of more meaningful issues surrounding the bombing than that.

Answered: Child support final judgement in correct can it be challenged.

If you are looking for legal advice, pay a lawyer for it. Advice that you get from a non-lawyer is worth little or nothing. Maybe it depends on how quickly you challenge the ruling. Maybe it depends on state law; the 4th Circuit Court covers 5 states. How did it get to the circuit court, anyway ...

Answered: Why doesn't an bomber suddenly go up after releasing its bombs?

It's more important where those bombs are targeted. Our stuff does not miss. Be afraid, Ahmed. Be very afraid.

Answered: Does anyone remember a couple of kids shows from the 60s 1-rex trailer

Boomtown with Rex Trailer and Sgt. Billy O'brien was a Boston area weekend kids show. Major Mudd was also a Boston area kids show that aired weekday mornings. They aired in the late 60's, early 70's. If you remember the name of Major Mudd's spaceship you win the grand prize.
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Our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster has spent over 8 hours posting under his fake Marine alias and over 2 hours posting under his Fred G. alias. This doesn't count his hours and hours of posting under anonymous. We know they're his aliases because both of those ...

Do you think the Boston Bombing is related to Terrorism?

It was an act of terrorism. I think your real question is. Was it an act of organized international terrorism? Or the act of a independent loon? That has yet to be resolved.

Why wasn't bloodhound used to track boston bomber?

Because it would have ended the "manhunt" too soon. It would not have allowed the government to test how an urban population would respond to a heavily armed house to house search. Please read Ray Bradbury's 1953 book "Fahrenheit 451", or see the 1966 movie w/same title. The media stole the script ...