Where was President John F. Kennedy en route to when he was assassinated?

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Answered: Today marks 48 years since JFK was shot. Where were you when Kennedy

Perhaps the better question is why the CIA didn't paste Kennedy before they did? He most definitely deserved it, for his family ties to organized crime, disturbing long-term affair with Soviet agent Judith Exner, his severe judgment errors with the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile, and Tonkin Gulf ...

Answered: The Greatest U.S. President?

For years, the top three greatest presidents in people's minds were Washington at number one, Lincoln at number two and Franklin D. Roosevelt at number three. Washington by virture of being the first president, Lincoln in saving the Union and FDR for his leadership during the Great Depression ...

Answered: John Fitzgerald Kennedy How old was John Kennedy when he became

President Kennedy was born in late May of 1917. At the time of his inauguration he was 43 years old.

Answered: Why didn't John-John Kennedy talk until age 4?

I am so sorry your grandson is experiencing these difficulties. I have a friend whose son is now 9 but was also diagnosed with asperger's/autism around age 4. He is doing very well now and I hope the same holds true for your grandson. I thought it might be reassuring to provide this list I found ...

Answered: Should Obama Listen John F. Kennedy?

As you should kc, as you should. MRD
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