where was chernobyl diaries filmed?

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Answered: Big cat diary why don't the cats attack the people

Because big cats don't attack people just for the hell of it. They will respond to threats by attacking. They also play, as do all cats, but due to their size, play can be a little rough on a person. They will also protect their family. Big cats are essentially no different than housecats. Just ...

Answered: What has happened to the area around Chernobyl?

Pretty much nothing. It was thoroughly looted after the disaster, and has since become a "ghost town", cordoned off by security checkpoints.

Answered: Should I destroy my diaries

I vent in diaries too..however I usually destroy the bad things I write and leave the good and okay.

Answered: Will you consider visiting Chernobyl as a tourist?

not very safe i will not go to visit Chernobyl why do you want to visit it? are so many beautiful places to visit philippine trivia

Answered: What is the difference between a diary and a journal?

diary keeps the record of a daily track while journal keeps the record of an experiment
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