where was air pollution so bad that new cars made air cleaner?

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Answered: New car

Before buying a car gather the information about the cars you are interested to buy, compare with other cars also and get the best which suits you.

Answered: New car need mix wax? About how long to mix again ?

Car paint need more maintenance, car paint waxing, sealing glaze, coating, plating crystal . Are to be better protected against rain and sand and paint resins or insects , bird feces corrosion ; also allows us to paint a more shiny new cars . While also increasing car paint scratch resistant ...

Answered: Releasing Alumium in the Air?

No I haven't but it is disturbing that someone would go and release this in the air. Just the thought of it makes me sick!

Answered: Does anybody know of a reputable find me a car ...

Auto trader sales men suck got a lot of b s

Answered: Air miles on shopping?

Yes, you can earn Air miles when you shop with a miles credit card from Maybank. With this Horizon Platinum Visa Card you can earn 2 air miles on every dollar you spend.
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What health problems can be caused by air pollution from motor

More on respiratory diseases like asthma. The smoke can also be harmful to the skin.

Car pollution

We might not picture creating pounds of global warming pollution when we drive, but the exhaust coming out of our car has actual weight—an average household with two medium-sized sedans emits more than 20,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) a year. That's 10 tons of pollution adding to the ...

Can tonawanda coke air pollution seep into homes

I am with a local community group in Tonawanda/Kenmore, NY. called Citizens United for Justice. I reiterate the "YES" here. That black gunk is benzene Soluble Organics (BSO's) and it is dangerous. The stinging you are feeling is mostly caused by the ammonia. And of course, TCC emits benzene ...

There is this new place called Time Buyers in town ...

I agree with Dr. Kelly. These type of sales lots do not offer any good deals whatsoever. Your interest can be sky high and you have to pay well over blue book prices. Please avoid if possible. Try to secure a loan from a bank or credit union and buy from a private seller.