where was air pollution so bad that new cars made air cleaner?

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Answered: Do you know the best auto online portal fro buy and sell new cars or used

I don’t know about any genuine portal which deals in used cars but I certainly know a genuine place where you can get used car parts. It’s called http://www.buyusedengine.com/index.php I’ve been dealing with this place since last year and never had a single problem. So if you’re looking for used ...

Answered: New car

Before buying a car gather the information about the cars you are interested to buy, compare with other cars also and get the best which suits you.

Answered: What is the % to figure out tax on the money you make as a independent

It depends on your total taxable income, marital status, and your deductions. If you are on Social Security and only get $1000 a month, you might owe no tax. If you get $2000 a month you might be in the 15% tax bracket. If you are single and have income of $36,901 per year after deductions, you ...

Answered: Pollution

Froggie le dFrogpong

Answered: How does pollution from transport affect local ecosystems?

Pollution that comes from cars , trucks and buses does not only affect local ecosystems but a larger range is being destroyed by pollution. The amount of C02 being produced daily is in Million metric ton and it is causing huge problems in our ecosystems. Wish that the solution for this will come ...
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