Where was "A Star for Christmas" filmed?

Where was "A Star for Christmas" filmed?

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Answered: Christmas

My phone!!!!!!!!!!! I left the damn thing at church. Guess what? It's closed tomorrow!

Answered: What is the best way to get your favourite film star's autograph?

Use http://www.downloadvideos-convert.com/download-videos-music 1. Download Video Download Studio , install it. 2. Go to the interface, you can download (Automatic capture) the YouTube video there directly. Tab Download to Convert, you can also click "Add" button to upload the videos from ...

Answered: How much is the average tip to give at Christmas to landscapers?

Having been there and done that, I can attest to the veracity of the Anonymouse's answer. Maybe my boss got something, but I sure didn't.

Answered: Christmas bracelet opens at top with two angels

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Answered: What should I get my Grandma For Christmas Let me Know

michael kors christmas deals store : www.michaelblackfridaysale.com ,you can buy a michael kors handbags for ur grandma,she will like it very much.

Answered: Remembering Jane Russell ~ What's Your Favorite Jane Russell Film?

I have two favorites,Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Tall Men.
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Christmas lacks dignity. It continues to be a ...

Life lacks dignity. And from my experiences, that's usually the best part of it.

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I think that I would spend it with someone like George Clooney. This isn't because I think he is attractive (that goes without saying!) but I am intrigued about the ways in which big movie stars have been making a successful break behind the camera as well as in front of it and with his recent ...

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