where to sell pewter scrap?

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Answered: Where can I sell decorative brass items for scrap metal in nj

Listing those items on Craiglist would be another option for you. You can also submit an ad to www.recycle.net/exch/aa814686.html

Answered: Scrap Car

If the car is in sound mechanical condition, you would be able to get sale for it at an acceptable price. If your car needs a little bit of repairing/maintenance, it would be better if you got those mended and then sell it, since it will fetch you a better sum. However, if your car is not ...

Answered: Scrap car prices

From Speedy scrap car, you can get the best scrap car prices.

Answered: How much is 58 grams gold jewlery and scrap worth at the market price of

At 920 gold you should get $851 gold today around $1400 you should get $1284

Answered: How to sell a house Fallbrook?

Here you can know more about How to sell a house Fallbrook

Answered: Pewter refurbishment

These 4 web sites answer your question: http://www.pec.on.ca/pewter/history.htm#care http://www.blitzinc.net/category/.info.pewter_care/ http://ezinearticles.com/?Home-Cleaning-Tips-For-Pewter-Vases-to-Keep-Them-Looking-at-Their-Best&id=1459845 http://www.engravedpewtergifts.com ...
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