where to purchase okra in idaho?

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Answered: Relocating to Idaho

Idaho is a great state to live in We have been here 25 years and love it. The northern panhandle has beautiful forested mountains, rivers and lakes. Go on line and look at Sandpoint, McCall and Boise. Boise is the largest City and capital and is okay if you need the bigger city amenities ...

Answered: Ufoidaho falls I seen something over Idaho Falls in the mid 60s Did

Yes i did see "something" i was hitchhiking on the new jersey turnpike late evening, as i looked up at the sky admiring the bright stars, i noticed something moving which looked like a star but it then just stopped moving then took off again. I knew we didn't have anything of that nature in our ...

Answered: Can FL resident purchase a handgun in IDAHO?

Probably you could. It's not legal, though. The only legal way to purchase a handgun across state lines is to have a dealer who is licensed (Federal Firearms License) in your home state handle the transaction.

Answered: Help!

Bunny- Yes. Google "hot pack okra" and you will have a myriad of choices. I am wishing you would have typed "can you pack hot okra?". JayR

Answered: Purchasing plan

Google it.

Answered: Recipe for Pickled Okra using a grape leaf.

I never used grape leaves but I never processed the okra once I had it in the jars. The secret is to make sure your jars are so hot you have to use a towel to hold them and your brine is boiling hot along with your can lids. I'm sure a lot of people would tell you this is unsafe but I put them up ...
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thank you very much, this was most helpful.

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