where to purchase hand-held folding fans in New York?

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Answered: Is it against the law to drive with no hands on the wheel in new york

Well, I suspect that if you don't have a hand on the wheel, most police officers would say you do NOT have the vehicle under control. It raises an interesting issue for me, though. You see, I used to build custom vans. Usually show vehicles, but always functional and drivable every day. I've been ...

Answered: Should Rob P be scared of his fans?

I would be! Female fans can get a little nuts!

Answered: Home-made hand fans

Hand fans are fun and easy to make yourself. At Home Depot or Lowes or any home improvement center that sells paint you can get those paint sticks used to mix paint and most of these paint centers will give you the stick free or at a good price. From there you can use cardboard from any craft center ...

Answered: How could you do this to the Buffalo Sabre's fans ...

The good news is the Sabres fortunes are a concern to about 37 people worldwide, so a mass suicide is very unlikely.

Answered: I am new card member. Made purchase 3/20/12. When ...

You can make a payment now before you leave. Or you can go online and make a payment from where ever you are. You will have to open an online acct if you pay via the internet. Welcome to AolAnswers!
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