where to obtain a PA Lehigh County dog license?

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Answered: Will a dog license from Maricopa County be valid for Pinal County?

LM. With all due respect, you actually took the time to post this question, so you obviously have the ability to use a computer. I could answer your question in virtually no time at all. Why? Because the information is available to you by having the decency to look it up before you ask others to ...

Answered: How loyal are rat terrier dogs?

There not as good as cats

Answered: Monroe County Clerk/MI Where can I get a dog License?

This is the Monroe County Animal service email: pk1268@cityofrochester.gov I suggest you contact them. I'm sure they'll be able to help.

Answered: What county is Mechanicsbury Pa in

I think you might mean Mechanicsburg, which is in Cumberland County near Harrisburg, PA.

Answered: Can a dog still get pregnant if she mates on her 12th day with Artificial

it might work but still mate her two times wate for a week take her to the doc. and see if shes pregnant. if she is u can do the rest

Answered: How many dogs can you own at one time in Rock Island County, Illinois?

I'm not sure. But I'm guessing you can contact your local township office to find out. Good luck!
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