where to live where there is no chemtrails?

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Answered: Last week in LA.covered with chemtrails all oover in skys and las vagas

The island of Oahu was chemtrailed from one end to the other on September 10, 2009, at 9:00 AM. I took pictures of it.....and the classic chemtrail sun halo is clearly evident, (and was documented). In the six months since we were poisoned, many people, Including myself have developed unending ...

Answered: What are chemtrails and why have they become ...

Contrails result from emission of water vapor by aircraft engines. Depending on the temperature and humidity, they may last a long time. "Chemtrails" are the imagined result of high altitude chemical spraying, but there is no evidence to show that there is anything other than normal contrails.

Answered: Chemtrails and Air Pollution?

I know what chemtrails are and I'm not sure there are any official confirmations that there are bad chemicals in them. Although I don't follow the latest news about it.

Answered: Do you often notice chemtrails that jet planes leave on the sky? Do you

What Are Chemtrails? Can Chemtrails Affect Our Health? — Air ... Are chemtrails harmful chemicals? I wonder. Today, like no other time in history , we have miniscule particles and droplets floating in the air and ... www.airfiltersandpurifiers.com/articles/topics/what-are-chemtrails-could-they ...

Answered: What is the reason why Airforce Jets spread so much chemtrails on the

Chemtrails, according the official sources, are a hoax. What many people actually see are contrails, harmless streams of water-vapor created when a jet flies through the frigid higher altitudes. Conspiracy theorists claim that various air forces are conducting experiments by releasing chemicals in ...

Answered: Why Spray the Sky?

If those jet trails were just water vapors, then why do they linger in the sky for hours? Can someone explain that to me please?!
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