where to go gold panning in maine?

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Answered: Where to pan for gold in south carolina

We no longer are hobby prospecting, but we found gold in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia which I understand is kind of called the southern gold belt. Contact Gold Prospectors of America and see if South Carolina is included in this belt. I thought South Carolina was mostly known for relics ...

Answered: I panned for gold for the first time in my life in ...

Jules Karp Coins & Bullion Inc. 125 Maiden Lane (Lower Level) New York, N.Y. 10038 Tel. 212-943-5770 Fax 212-785-4675

Answered: Wher to buy gold testing kit

The http://www.rsore.com/ is a good site ,you can buy cheap gold

Answered: Where to get a gold testing kit in colorado

Ever find a gold nugget? Large amounts of people want to find and possess the gold nugget, but it i sreally hard if you don't use a tool to hep you find such kind of precious metal as they are always buried underground and it is hard for you to know where they are and how deep you should dig. And ...

Answered: Can i get name of person when i enter pan number?

I don't have a pan number- I just know they exist

Answered: Which is harder - 9ct or 18ct gold?

Now many people like the gold colour very much and that is the same as that a now more and more people now like hunting for treasures, and unlike before nowadys a many advanced device have been invented to help people with their road of hunting for gold and among varous kind of devices, people like ...
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Can you pan for gold in the lake tahoe basin creeks

The Tahoe Basin is a National Forest property. so technically the answer is yes. Now you need to find out a couple of things before you go. You can not pan/prospect on any land that is currently under claim. You will need to contact the National Forest Office in that area to find out which land is ...

Gold panning on the central coast and metal decting

The reason nobody has answered your question is because you didn't even ask a "question". What central coast? Where in the world? What about gold panning? What about metal detecting? People can't answer a question that isn't asked. Be a litle more specific and you'll probably get an answer.

Gold dust

Gold dust is a quite uncertain commodity: assay will reveal what is in it, in what percentages, and whether or not it is a commercially viable sample. Unassayed gold dust might be worth only $150.00/oz, considering the level of contaminants and pyrites that may be in it.

What does the KGC stamp on a 14k gold ring with yellow diamond

KGC could be Knights of the Golden Circle. Or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.