where to go and train to be an mma fighter?

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Answered: MMA clothes.

please visit www.onatoind.com

Answered: How stressful can it be to incorporate more than ...

If you were to train both MMA and bodybuilding they will both conflict with each other and the results won't be what you want. Bodybuilding is just lifting for aesthetics, so it's a lot of isolation movements... which are useless for MMA. Also with MMA, your doing so much cardiovascular fitness that ...

Answered: How much does an amatuer MMA fighter make for a fight in NAAFS?

Not much really. I am not 100% sure but something like 5k per fight. I no the UFC pays their fighters on the ultimate fighter show only 5k if they win and $0 if they loose.

Answered: Michelle Waterson MMA Fighter and Hooters Girl

I really don't know because I never knew this lady did this, I thought she was involved in modelling of some sort. I only met her at the Long Beach GP earlier this year, and I am trying to get in contact with her.

Answered: Looking to get an MMA fight in Ohio. Training in Pennsylvania and was

use this keyword in google "upcoming mixed martial arts tournament" + ohio. If you'll be needing MMA short, MMA clothing or any MMA gear please visit http://mmaprogearshop.com .

Answered: Looking for information Fighter Ray Pelky, or Ray Lockwood

This web site has information about Ray Pelkey also know as Ray Lockwood.
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Hey Boston, First I'd like to say that nobody should ever bully or call anyone names. It's cruel and it's wrong. I'm sorry you had to experience that. It must have been very hurtful. If you are passionate about mixed martial arts and participating in this sport makes you happy, then you definitely ...

MMA stats

No. The ammount of take downs, Hits landed reverse's, and total punches thrown, and kicks, determine the outcome of a fight. or KO or submission