where to get locksmith patches for jackets?

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Answered: Locksmith amplified stethoscope

Professional locksmiths don't readily admit to using stethoscopes, so it's difficult to find one that's especially designed for them. On www.amazon.com , there is the Adscope 655, which is a non-electric amplified stethoscope for about $58. (Amazon, also, has battery-powered models, but they are ...

Answered: Locksmiths

If you are in washington dc,please go to this website. http://dclocksmith.locksmithcontact.com/dclocksmith.htm There are more information about dc locksmith .

Answered: Where can one go to learn how to become a ...

finding an apprenticeship would be the best way. There is so much to learn that a classroom can only cover the basics. There is no substitute for experience and of course practice. www.precisionlocksmiths.uk.com

Answered: A2 flight jackets 50th anniversary How rare are jackets in very good

You have something there. I see only a hand full of these each year. There are fewer and fewer around each year. I cleaned and finished about 12 last year. Only one was unable to be restored. There is a demand from collectors. I clean and refurbish this type. They are treasured by their ...

Answered: Whats the best tool to use to cut blackberry patchs

Long handled clippers. The branches that gave fruit last year are dead this year. Those are the branches that you want to cut back. This years living branches will give fruit but they will die in the Autumn. Meanwhile new living branches will grow which will give you fruit next year. You do not ...

Answered: Any locksmiths here?

Kings Security- 24 hour emergency locksmith Kingston. Here no call out charge, a complete price quote is provided and all work is guaranteed. - No Call out Charge - FREE Definite Price Quote - 24 Hour 30 Min Response - Fully Insured
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Police jacket

If ya not in law enforcement then ya just got put on a u.S. Secret service pos (person of subject) list after the fact!

Locksmith in Raleigh, NC

I would like to mention here about Cheap Locksmith that offers professional locksmith services in Raleigh, NC. They are reliable and fast locksmith service provider.

These days I leave a spare key to my house with a ...

If they are auto locksmiths they should be able to open and re program car keys a general locksmith may be able to open a car door depending on the locking mechanism. www.precisionlocksmiths.uk.com

Spouse military patches for vest. husband is a marine corps vietnam

www.sgtgrit.com I was in the corps for 8 years and was stationed at a lot of places. Grit had a patch for all the units I was with plus they have a lot of patches for the different 'conflicts' we've been in like Nam. SSgt Gordon Henshaw Semper Fi!