Where to get fiberglass rozen?

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Answered: Fiberglass animals

After seeing the show I did a little research and found http://www.cowpainters.com/jungle_main.html . The forms are right off their site and you have to pay an additional charge to have them painted. You have to be careful when searching the catelog being aware of size. These forms are measured ...

Answered: How do I block the sun from coming thru the fiberglass roof?

I believe I would use a coat of Kilz and then a good oil based paint. You may even want to paint the inside of it rather than the outside.

Answered: I have a fiberglass hood (auto) that gel coat was ...

If the gel coat came off of your fiberglass car's hood then dremel out the deep cracks, heavily sand the area and refiberglass it, once it dries then sand it down so that it's totally smooth and perfectly flush, then primer and paint.

Answered: Fiberglass deck painting

Don't paint it - it will peel in months. Fibreglass is not meant to be painted - the surface is too rigid to allow any type of paint to bond to it. If you must, go to a two part epoxy. Talk to the paint store (one that carries industrial coatings as well as regular house paint).

Answered: Fiberglass panels locally??

Have you tried Home Depot?
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Is there going to be a third season of Rozen Maiden?

I'm not sure there will be another season.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Repair

Hi! Maybe this link can help you Pool Repair. They teach DIY tutorials in concrete repairs and also how to repair pool cracks..

HOA not happy with my white (fiberglass) flag pole...need input on

Yes...Paint... It sticks very well to Gelcoat, which is normally what is used for fiberglass. Just about any paint will stick to Gelcoat as long as it is properly sanded and cleaned.

How do i support fiberglass front fenders that are sagging

In addtion to the fiberglass reinforcment bar (the actual "bumper") there should be some styrofoam blocks that support the plastic bumper cover. always park in the shade or covered parking lots -